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Example of transferring water soluble coating material

The case where a radial vane pump solved the problem of uneven coating film quality due to unstable liquid supply to a coating machine.


[Model used] : Radial vane pump model R-type   
[Liquid name] : water soluble coating material


Transfer from tank to coating machine


The line for transferring coating material from a tank to a coating machine had the following problems.

The existing air-driven diaphragm pumps caused pulsation, which resulted in unstable supply of liquid to the coating machine and uneven quality after coating.

The pumps were operating too noisily, and workers were asking to deal with it.

Points of improvement

A radial vane pump was introduced.

The transfer principle, which prevents pulsation, has stabilized the amount of material supplied to the coating machine, thereby stabilizing the quality of the material after coating.

The quiet operation of the pump also improved the working environment.

production flow

water soluble coating material

Product used


Radial vane pump model R-type

No residual liquid to the bottom of the drum

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