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Example of transferring cosmetic cream

The case where a radial vane pump solved the problem of self-priming of high-viscosity liquids.


[Model used] : Radial vane pump model V    
[Liquid name] : cosmetic cream


Reduction of product loss when collecting highly viscous cosmetic creams from large containers


For a new line to supply cosmetic cream from a 1-ton tank to the hopper of a filling machine, client was looking for a pump that could self-priming high viscosity liquid.

In addition, because the product was expensive, the client wished to leave as little liquid in the tank as possible to improve the recovery rate.

Points of improvement

A radial vane pump model V-type was introduced.

The pump has high self-priming power, so even high-viscosity cosmetic cream can be transferred from the tank to the filling machine without any problem, thus achieving automation of the process.

In addition, because the pump has enough suction power to transfer while biting the air, even cream that has accumulated at the bottom of the tank can be collected as requested, reducing the loss of product.

production flow

cosmetic cream

Product used


Radial vane pump model V

No residual liquid to the bottom of the drum

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