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Examples of application in the seasoning liquid field

Introduction of examples used in the seasoning liquid field to transfer various liquids, such as soy sause, sesame dressing, tomato paste, miso, etc.

Examples of application in the seasoning liquid field

The FUKKO pumps are successfully used for transferring and filling a wide variety of liquids, including those containing fine solids like dressings, and those that are difficult to fluidize, such as miso paste and tomato puree.

In addition, the cleaning process of piping and pumps associated with switching liquids, which tends to be a burden in small-lot, multi-variety production,
Pumps that can be easily disassembled for cleaning and pumps that can be CIP cleaned without a booster pump can also improve efficiency.

We provide case study introduction pages for the colored liquid names.
We have experience with other liquids as well.

Product list

case studies by application

keyboard_arrow_rightGrease keyboard_arrow_rightOrganic solvent keyboard_arrow_rightPolymer Solutions keyboard_arrow_rightSulfuric acid pitch keyboard_arrow_rightTrivalent chromium Liquid keyboard_arrow_rightTitanium oxide slurry
keyboard_arrow_rightCorn keyboard_arrow_rightChocolate keyboard_arrow_rightCurry keyboard_arrow_rightGelatin keyboard_arrow_rightLiquid egg keyboard_arrow_rightMinced meat keyboard_arrow_rightThawed meat
Seasoning Liquidadd_box
keyboard_arrow_rightsyrup keyboard_arrow_rightTare (Sauce) keyboard_arrow_rightTomato paste
keyboard_arrow_rightCosmetic Cream keyboard_arrow_rightDetergents and fabric softeners
keyboard_arrow_rightpulp material keyboard_arrow_rightwater soluble coating material
keyboard_arrow_rightWater soluble coating material keyboard_arrow_rightWaste oil with sludge
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