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Please contact FUKKO Kinzoku Industry from this page.

Contact & Support

We offer full support to our customers who are considering or using our products so that they can use our products with confidence.
Please do not hesitate to contact our representatives.
*We mainly support customers in western Japan through our head office sales department,
and customers in eastern Japan through our Tokyo sales office.

Consultation counter

Head office TEL +81-73-424-8155

Tokyo TEL +81-3-3553-0351

Product list

case studies by application

keyboard_arrow_rightGrease keyboard_arrow_rightOrganic solvent keyboard_arrow_rightPolymer Solutions keyboard_arrow_rightSulfuric acid pitch keyboard_arrow_rightTrivalent chromium Liquid keyboard_arrow_rightTitanium oxide slurry
keyboard_arrow_rightCorn keyboard_arrow_rightChocolate keyboard_arrow_rightCurry keyboard_arrow_rightGelatin keyboard_arrow_rightLiquid egg keyboard_arrow_rightMinced meat keyboard_arrow_rightThawed meat
Seasoning Liquidadd_box
keyboard_arrow_rightsyrup keyboard_arrow_rightTare (Sauce) keyboard_arrow_rightTomato paste
keyboard_arrow_rightCosmetic Cream keyboard_arrow_rightDetergents and fabric softeners
keyboard_arrow_rightpulp material keyboard_arrow_rightwater soluble coating material
keyboard_arrow_rightWater soluble coating material keyboard_arrow_rightWaste oil with sludge
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