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Example of transferring detergent and fabric softener

The case where twin screw pump model SQ solved a problem of detergent bubbling up during transfer.


[Model used] : Twin screw pump model SQ   
[Liquid name] : detergent and fabric softener


Increased filling speed and filling accuracy of foaming detergents


The company was trying to improve the production capacity of the line that transfers detergent to the filling and packaging machine, but the conventional equipment was unable to handle the following problems.

・When the speed at which detergent is fed to the filling machine is accelerated, the liquid foams during transfer, leading to defects such as inconsistent filling of containers and foam overflowing from the containers during filling.

・It is necessary to increase the size of the pump to prevent foaming and increase the supply volume, but the configuration of the production facility does not allow space for such a pump.

Points of improvement

Introduced the Twin screw pump model SQ.

The SQ type pump is capable of transferring liquid without agitation, so that even if the flow speed is increased and the supply volume to the filling machine is increased, the detergent no longer bubbles.

This eliminated the need for larger pump size, so a pump of the same size as the existing pump could be used, and there was no need to worry about installation space.

The above effects have resulted in increased production, and in terms of monetary value, have increased production capacity by approximately 4 million yen/year.

production flow

detergent and fabric softener

Product used


Twin screw pump model SQ

Smoothly pumping a wide variety of fluids without damaging them

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