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Example of transferring high viscosity rubber material

The case where twin screw pump with defoaming function model VQ solved the problem of unstable filling volume due to air bubbles contained in the liquid.

ゴム材 高粘度ゴム材

[Model used] : Twin screw pump with de-aerating function, model VQ   
[Liquid name] : high viscosity rubber material


Stabilizes the filling process by removing air bubbles contained in difficult-to-handle high-viscosity liquids while transferring them with a pump.


The following problems were encountered when building a new line to fill high-viscosity rubber material into containers.

・Air bubbles were trapped in the liquid during the manufacturing process, and when filled as it was, the air bubbles caused the filling volume to vary, resulting in many out-of-spec products.

・The company considered installing a de-aerator, but could not find enough space for the machine.

・They tried static de-aerating, but the process took a long time because the viscosity of the rubber material was too high.

Points of improvement

Twin screw pump with defoaming function model VQ was introduced and the following effects were obtained.

The VQ pump is capable of transferring and removing large air bubbles at the same time with the introduction of only one pump,

・The removal of air bubbles in the rubber material stabilizes the filling volume and drastically reduces the frequency of defective products.

・The system requires only the space for one pump, eliminating the need to worry about the layout of the factory.

・The ability to remove air bubbles while transferring the product has led to a significant reduction in production lead time.

production flow

high viscosity rubber material

Product used

脱泡機能付き二軸スクリューポンプ VQ型

Twin screw pump with de-aerating function, model VQ

Achieves liquid transfer and defoaming at the same time.

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