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Example of transferring curry

The case where twin screw pump model SQ solved the problem of cleaning after production.


[Model used] : Twin Screw Pump Model SQ   
[Liquid name] : curry


Reduced daily cleaning time by CIP cleaning


When CIP cleaning was performed after transferring curry, the existing pumps were often unable to clean to a sufficient level due to inability to generate sufficient flow velocity, so it was necessary to disassemble and clean after roughly removing contamination through CIP cleaning.

In addition, booster pumps were used additionally to perform CIP cleaning, which caused periodic maintenance labor.

Points of improvement

Twin Screw Pump model SQ was introduced.
The structure allows the pump to increase its rotational speed up to 3,600 rpm, which produces sufficient flow velocity for cleaning, making it possible to complete CIP cleaning with a single pump.
This eliminated the need for daily disassembly and cleaning,
and the installation of a booster pump, leading to improved production efficiency and reduced periodic maintenance

production flow


Product used


Twin Screw Pump Model SQ

Transferring liquids of various viscosities in a single pump.

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