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Example of transferring tomato paste

The case where twin screw pump with a defoaming function model VQ solved a problem in a process that forces manual work.


[Model used] : Twin screw pump with defoaming function model VQ   
[Liquid name] : tomato paste


Improved productivity and working environment in filling operations


The conventional sanitary pump was unable to draw out the tomato paste from drum, therefore the client had to transfer it to 18-liter can manually, which caused following problems.

・The workload of scooping tomato paste from drums is very burdensome. In addition, especially when the amount of liquid remaining in the drum became low, it was necessary to tilt the drum or take an unreasonable position, which made the work even more burdensome.

・When tomato paste was spilled on the floor, the loss of product increased and cleaning work became necessary, which resulted in a decrease in productivity.

Points of improvement

Twin screw pump with defoaming function model VQ was introduced.

Its strong self-priming power enabled the tomato paste to be drawn off with a sanitary pump.

As a result, productivity has increased 5 times in terms of time, and the workload of workers has also been reduced.

production flow

tomato paste

Product used

脱泡機能付き二軸スクリューポンプ VQ型

Twin screw pump with defoaming function model VQ

Achieves liquid pumping and defoaming at the same time

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