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Company Profile of FUKKO KINZOKU Industry

Company Story

FUKKO pumps born from customer voice

“We would like to pull out the expensive raw materials which tend to remain at the bottom of the drum.”

The history of FUKKO pumps began with hearing such requests.

Although it is a completely unknown field,
With the experience of metal processing cultivated so far and tenacious research,
our first in-house manufactured radial vane pump was born in 1980.

Ever since,
V-type vane pump, which has the automatic pressure adjustment mechanism, was developed in response to requests for longer component life.
From the voice that “I’m looking for a positive displacement pump with a sanitary structure”
The twin screw pump, which is currently the main product, has been developed.


One-of-a-kind one products making further progress


After that, based on the ” problems” of our customers,
Twin Screw Pump with Slide Bar for easier disassembly and cleaning,
Twin Screw Pump with Screw Conveyor for transferring ultra-high viscosity liquid (Model SQW),
Twin Screw Pump with De-aerating Function (model VQ ) that realizes de-aeration and liquid transfer at the same time,
Twin Screw Pump with Agitation Function (model BQ) for mixing multiple liquids or liquids and powders while transferring them,etc.

We have created one-of-a-kind products one after another with unique ideas.

Our mission is “to develop original products that are truly useful.

These products are the result of tackling difficult problems that were previously thought to be “impossible.

Our origin is to stay close to our customers’ needs and respond to their wishes through creative, one-of-a-kind products.

Even if you think it is an impossible task,
Please feel free to contact us with your problems and concerns.

Company Profile

trade name FUKKO KINZOKU Industry Co., Ltd.
CEO / President CEO / Representative Director Kanji Maeda
Head Office & Factory 〒 640-8324 2-33 FUKIYA-Cho, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

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tel +81-73-424-8155
Kokawa Factory 〒 649-6503 345-5 Nagatanaka, Kinokawa-shi, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

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tel +81-736-73-6161
Tokyo Sales Office 〒 104-0032 Shiobe Bldg. 3F, 4-9-6 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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tel +81-3-3553-0351
Capital stock ¥10,000,000
Founding October 27, 1962
Established April 25, 1964
Main bank The Shoko Chukin Bank,Ltd. Wakayama Branch
THE KIYO BANK, LTD. Higashi-Wakayama Branch
MUFG Bank, Ltd. Wakayama Branch
Business Lineup Manufacture and sale of radial vane pumps and twin screw pumps
Processing of parts for refrigerators and air conditioners
Machining of textile machinery parts
Machining of parts for hydraulic equipment


1962 Mr. Kanji Maeda started machining at 2-3-1 FUKIYA-Cho, Wakayama City
1964 Incorporated as Fukko Kinzoku Industry Co., Ltd.
1972 With business expansion, the company was reorganized as a joint-stock corporation.

Mr. Kusunobu Maeda took office of representative director & president,
and Mr. Kanji Maeda, executive manager. Main office was placed at 2-33, Fukiyacho, Wakayama City.
1980 First original radial vane pump developed.
Established an integrated system of development, manufacturing, and sales.
1983 Mr. Kusunobu Maeda retired as representative director and president,
and took office of chairman.
Mr. Kanji Maede took office of representative director & president.
1987 Mr. Kusunobu Maeda retired as chairman.
1995 Kokawa factory established at 345-5 Nagatanaka, Koukawa-cho, Naga-gun, Wakayama Prefecture
2000 Tokyo Sales Office opened.
V-type radial vane pump developed.
2001 Twin Screw Pump developed.
2005 Tokyo Sales Office relocated
2006 VFP series compact vane pumps developed.
2007 Patent obtained for twin screw pump with screw conveyor
2008 Patented “Slide Bar” twin-screw pump
2011 Obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification
(Certified offices: Head Office and Tokyo Sales Office)

Received the Governor’s Commendation for Invention of Wakayama Prefecture in 2010 for the twin-screw pump.
2012 Developed twin screw pump with agitation function (model BQ)
2013 Developed twin screw pump with defoaming function (model VQ)
Patent obtained for twin screw pump with defoaming function
2016 Developed improved twin screw pump (model SSQ)
2017 Selected as a “Regional Future Leading Company” (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Twin Screw Pump with Defoaming Function Selected “Kansai Monodzukuri New Award 2018” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry


Developed conveyor-integrated twin screw pump (SQWA type)

Main Equipment

High-precision multifunction machine(Turning center) 10 units
Vertical machining center 6 units
Vertical Machining Center(with 10-face pallet changer) 1 unit
Vertical machining center (with 2-face pallet changer) 2 units
Horizontal Machining Center(with 14-face pallet changer) 1 unit
Horizontal Machining Center(with 3-sided pallet changer) 1 unit
Horizontal Machining Center(with 2-sided pallet changer) 3 units
NC lathe 2 units
Wire cut 1 unit
CNC Tapping Center 1 unit
Grinding machine 2 units
Drilling machines, etc 5 units
Positioner, Press, etc. 2 units
3D Measuring Machines 2 units
Surface roughness measuring machine 1 unit
Shape measuring machine 1 unit
Electromagnetic flowmeter 2 units

Main Clients

Mitsubishi Electric.
Refrigeration Systems Manufacturing Factory
Osaka jack Co., Ltd
Nankai Industry Co., Ltd Horiuchi Machinery Co., Ltd

Product list

case studies by application

keyboard_arrow_rightGrease keyboard_arrow_rightOrganic solvent keyboard_arrow_rightPolymer Solutions keyboard_arrow_rightSulfuric acid pitch keyboard_arrow_rightTrivalent chromium Liquid keyboard_arrow_rightTitanium oxide slurry
keyboard_arrow_rightCorn keyboard_arrow_rightChocolate keyboard_arrow_rightCurry keyboard_arrow_rightGelatin keyboard_arrow_rightLiquid egg keyboard_arrow_rightMinced meat keyboard_arrow_rightThawed meat
Seasoning Liquidadd_box
keyboard_arrow_rightsyrup keyboard_arrow_rightTare (Sauce) keyboard_arrow_rightTomato paste
keyboard_arrow_rightCosmetic Cream keyboard_arrow_rightDetergents and fabric softeners
keyboard_arrow_rightpulp material keyboard_arrow_rightwater soluble coating material
keyboard_arrow_rightWater soluble coating material keyboard_arrow_rightWaste oil with sludge
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