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Example of transferring liquid egg

The case where twin screw pump model SQ solves the problem of transferring a liquid that changes its property as soon as it is subjected to shear or agitation.


[Model used] : Twin screw pump Model SQ   
[Liquid name] : liquid egg


Reduces changes in liquid property when transferring liquid eggs and wear on pump parts caused by eggshells.


In the process of cracking eggs with a cracker and transferring the liquid eggs to a tank, the following problems were encountered.

・The existing pumps were prone to shear as the liquid eggs passed through the pumps, which changed the properties of the eggs and deteriorated the quality of the final product.

・Eggshells mixed in from egg crackers are highly abrasive and wear out the parts of the existing pumps, causing them to quickly lose capacity. Maintenance was required at a high frequency.

Points of improvement

A non-contact sanitary Twin screw pump model SQ was introduced.

Since the liquid is not sheared or agitated during transfer, and no frictional heat is generated by contact between parts that come into contact with the liquid during pump operation, changes in the properties of the liquid egg can be controlled.

In addition, the reduced capacity due to wear of parts can be compensated by increasing the pump's rotation speed, thus reducing the frequency of maintenance.

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Product used


Twin screw pump Model SQ

Delicate and painless transfer of a wide variety of liquids.

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