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Example of transferring waste oil with sludge

The case where a radial vane pump solved the problem of severe wear of parts due to slurry.


[Model used] : Radial vane pump model R-type   
[Liquid name] : waste oil with sludge


Reduction of running costs and maintenance effort of pumps in liquid transfer containing abrasive materials


In a line for transferring waste oil containing sludge from a waste oil tank to a separator, the following problems have been encountered with conventional gear pumps.

・The pump capacity is easily degraded due to wear caused by sludge.

・Maintenance to restore the pump's capacity was time-consuming and costly.

*What is sludge:
It is industrial waste generated during the treatment of sewage and industrial wastewater.

Points of improvement

A radial vane pump model R-type was introduced.

The use of a ceramic liner has reduced the wear of parts inside the pump, making it less prone to capacity loss even after long periods of use.

In addition, even if the capacity drops, performance is quickly restored simply by replacing the vanes, thus reducing the time and labor required for extensive maintenance and running costs.

production flow

waste oil with sludge

Product used


Radial vane pump model R-type

Easy maintenance

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