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Example of transferring concentrated sulfuric acid pitch

The case of a radial vane pump solved a problem caused by parts wear.

濃硫酸ピッチ ポリマー溶液 有機溶剤 溶剤/IPA メッキ液(ダイヤモンドスラリー)

[Model used] : Radial vane pump Model R-type   
[Liquid name] : concentrated sulfuric acid pitch


Longer service life of pumps used for slurry liquid transfer


The existing pumps require frequent maintenance, which is labor intensive and costly, due to the large amount of slurry contained in the sulfuric acid pitch that wears the parts in the pumps severely during transfer causing a loss of capacity.

Points of improvement

We introduced the Radial Vane Pump model R-type.

The use of ceramic liners and guide rings, which are the parts that come into contact with the liquid, prevents wear of the parts even when they come into contact with the slurry liquid, extending the life of the pump to more than three times that of conventional pumps

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Product used


Radial vane pump Model R-type

High resistance to slurry liquid transfer

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