Main Application Areas of the Radial Screw Pumps

The needs in the field motivated the evolution!

SQ-type (standard type) pumps are working in the following areas:

Food plant Meat, fish, soup, juice, wine, whisky, beer, mayonnaise, ketchup, yeast, vegetable oil, lard, fish oil, chocolate, jerry, caramel, syrup, honey, jam, marmalade, tomato puree, meat sauce, condensed milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, baby food, wasabi, etc.
Cosmetics, medicines, chemicals Champoo, cream, milky liquid, detergent, soap, calcium, vitamin, blood, photographic developer, acid, lacquer, glycose, caustic soda, lysol, methanol, etc.
Chemicals plant Medicine, dye, agrichemical, printing ink, perfume, paste, corn starch, adhesive, water-base paint, solvent paint, hide glue, thermosetting resin, liquid glass, solvent, etc.
Power station, recycling plant,
environmental facilities
Heat-recycling system, waste-solvent treatment, waste-oil treatment, slurry, polymer coagulant, lime solvent, various kinds of waste liquid, etc.
Shipyard Drain, etc.
Oil, paint, and fat plants Crude oil, heavy oil, jet fuel, gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, various kinds of solvents, grease, aqueous wax, resin paint, etc.
Paper factory Pulp material, starch, etc.

The screw pump with a screw conveyor (PAT.P)

The model with a screw conveyor can transfer even such a thing as shown below:

Bean curd plant Bean curd refuse

The screw pump with a paddle

The model with a paddle can transfer a cake-form material of low water content, which is prone to generate bridges.

Industrial waste treatment plant Waste oil, waste liquid